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Welcome to the unofficial portuguese-english fansite for actor Diogo Morgado, best known for his roles in portuguese soap operas and american hits like "The Bible" and "Son of God". We have no affiliation nor do we represent Diogo in any way. This is just a work of a fan. ENJOY!

Diogo Morgado seems to be involved in a new project by spanish director Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttini (the same director of 2011´s “Mami Blue”, in which Diogo starred in).

The film is a co-production of Spain/France/Canada. Principal photography will begin soon in Canada.

Meanwhile, here´s a little synopsis of the film:

“Mary is in love with Harry, a perfectly neat young man whom she sees daily at work as they both work in the same department store. When she is fired, she refuses to tell her family that she is out of a job. Mary decides to stay in the department store and with the help of Harry, the security guard, she settles there at night; making the bed department her bedroom. During the day, she joins with ongoing and increasing pleasure, a traveling circus close to the department store. It is where Harry’s father, Jo, a taxi driver and failed magician goes regularly to meet a bunch of old friends. Jo named his son Harry out of devotion for Houdini, but Harry hates his name and despises his father’s love for the circus and the man his father calls “the greatest of all”. One night, as Mary is almost asleep in the store, she hears a strange noise coming from a big cupboard close to her bed. She opens it to discover a man trying to get rid of his chains …It is the Great Houdini himself!”


O Diogo Morgado está em contagem decrescente e nós também! Só falta 1 semana para o lançamento de #DetroitBecomeHuman na #PS4! Já tens a tua reserva? Sabe mais AQUI 😉

Na terça-feira, dia 1 de Maio, os “Prémios Áquila” anunciaram os vencedores numa emissão televisiva especial, transmitida para o canal Cinemundo.

Diogo Morgado venceu o prémio de “Melhor Actor Principal de Televisão”, pelo seu papel na novela “Ouro Verde”. A entrega dos Prémios decorreu no “Turim Avenida Liberdade Hotel” com a presença do actor português. Vejam todas as fotos no link da galeria, abaixo.

Muitos parabéns Diogo! 😀

On Tuesday, May 1st, the “Aquila Awards” announced the winners in a special television broadcast, on the Cinemundo channel.

Diogo Morgado won the award for “Best Actor in Television” for his role in the telenovela “Ouro Verde”.
The awards ceremony took place at “Turim Avenida Liberdade Hotel” with the presence of the Portuguese actor. Check all the photos at the gallery link below.

Congratulations Diogo! 😀

Gallery Link:

Cerimónia de Entrega dos Prémios Áquila 2018 – Turim Hotels, Lisboa, 13 de Maio 2018

Last Friday, April 27th, the short film “EXCUSE” premiered in the USA at the Silicon Beach Film Festival, in Los Angeles. The screening was held at the Cinemark 18 & XD theatres, and was followed by a Q&A with director Diogo Morgado and the film’s co-star, Alberto Frezza.

During the Festival, “Excuse” was announced as the winner of the “Best Short Film – Drama” category. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew! 😀

Check all the photos at the gallery link, below.

Na última sexta-feira, 27 de abril, a curta-metragem “EXCUSE” estreou nos EUA no Silicon Beach Film Festival, em Los Angeles.
A exibição teve lugar nos cinemas Cinemark 18 e XD, e foi seguida de uma sessão de perguntas e respostas com o director Diogo Morgado e o co-protagonista do filme, Alberto Frezza.

Durante o Festival, “Excuse” foi anunciado como vencedor da categoria “Melhor Curta-Metragem – Drama”. Parabéns a todo o elenco e equipa técnica! 😀

Vejam, abaixo, todas as fotos no link da galeria.


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Imersivo, super realista e com uma narrativa complexa e fascinante – são estas as primeiras impressões de Detroit: Become Human, o título que chega em exclusivo à PS4, no dia 25 de maio!