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Director Diogo Morgado, lead actor Brian Patrick Wade, and writer/producer Travis Bowman stopped in Hickory last Tuesday at The Brock Agency to look at locations to shoot “Luso.”

Filmmakers working to bring the story of Revolutionary War hero Peter Francisco to the screen are scouting locations in Catawba County this week.

“North Carolina, obviously, here in the South, we’ve got a lot of period locations that fit perfectly,” Bowman said.

Morgado said he is looking for locations that are authentic to the period but also original.

“Stories of this time period are not new,” Morgado said. “So how do you bring something that is as accurate as possible but at the same time, with a different perspective?”

Wade, who is known for his role on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., said North Carolina seems to have the topography and history to possibly make the film here.

“This was just the natural fit, and then, of course, the tax incentives on top of it is just a great bonus,” Wade added.

Travis Bowman, the screenwriter for the film, gave some background on Francisco’s story during a press conference with director Diogo Morgado and lead actor Brian Patrick Wade Tuesday at The Brock Agency in Hickory.

Francisco was a native of Portugal who was kidnapped at age 5 and left at a dock in Virginia, Bowman said.

Francisco is particularly known for his actions during the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in 1781. Accounts vary as to the number of British soldiers Francisco killed in the battle.

Some sources say he killed 11 soldiers, but in his application for a pension decades after the battle, Francisco himself only claimed four, Bowman said.

March 15, the anniversary of the battle, is celebrated as Peter Francisco Day in a number of states, including Virginia, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The film is titled “Luso,” a prefix that refers to people or things from Portugal.

In addition to North Carolina, filmmakers will also look at locations in Virginia and Portugal.

Wade said they were looking in the area because they wanted to make the film as accurate as possible.

“Look, I mean, we all know that you can recreate this stuff anywhere, right?” Wade said.

“(We could) do this in the back lot at Warner Bros. if we wanted to, but the fact of the matter we want to make this film as … authentic as possible and to do that it has to be shot here.”

Wade also mentioned that he came to Hickory for the first time in 2018, renting a property on Lake Hickory and staying in town for a few days for a friend’s birthday.

“It’s a great little country town,” Wade said. “I love it.”

Wade said he is excited to make this film and tell the story of this Portuguese-born American hero.

“For him not to be in our history books is bizarre to me,” Wade said. “So I’m hoping that we tell this story, and we tell it right and everyone knows who Peter Francisco is after this.”

Bowman said the filmmakers are working with The Brock Agency and hope to use local talent in the film.

Morgado, who is from Portugal, said he hopes to start filming in September and post-production could take more than a year. He doesn’t expect the film will be out until at least 2021.

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