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Welcome to the unofficial portuguese-english fansite for actor Diogo Morgado, best known for his roles in portuguese soap operas and american hits like "The Bible" and "Son of God". We have no affiliation nor do we represent Diogo in any way. This is just a work of a fan. ENJOY!

Born into a family of humble origins (his mother was a hairdresser and his father used to work two jobs), Diogo was raised to value the simple things in life and to give praise to those who work hard.

Despite having been born in Lisbon, Diogo´s childhood was spent entirely in Alentejo (south of Portugal), where he often still takes refuge. Later on, and already in his teen years, Diogo moved with his family to the South Bank of river Tejo, where he currently lives.

At the age of 14 he took his first step into the Fashion world. He learned of a casting call that was being sponsored by the portuguese 90´s magazine “Super Jovem” (“Super Young”), which allowed him to open some doors into the world of entertainment.
One year later, he was invited to join the soap opera “Terra Mãe” (“MotherLand”), an NBP production. From there, his acting career began to form and rise.

It was in that capacity that he was able to act at several theatre stages, among which are the “Teatro Maria Matos”, the “Open Theater”, the “National Theatre of D. Maria II” and the “Auditorium Carlos Paredes”, simply the best theater stages around at the time.

His first play was “Generation Out”, by author Carlos Sampaio. “He was a kid who revealed a lot of talent for the profession and he was already very attractive”, says Almeno Gonçalves, the play´s director.

Despite his passion for theater, television also seduced him. He was part of several of the first soap operas to be made in Portugal, as was the case of the aforementioned “MotherLand” and also the soap operas “The Egret Legend”, “Reckoning” and “All For Love”.
Regarding portuguese television series, he also had small roles in several projects at the main portuguese tv networks “SIC”, “TVI” and “RTP”, such as: “Mary´s Diary”, “Journalists”, “The Season of My Life”, “Vasco’s Building”, “Malucos do Riso”,”Floribela”,”Family Doctor” and “Freedom Time”, among many others.

But it was SIC´s tele-film “Amo-te Teresa” (“I Love You Teresa”), that brought him to the fore and made thousands of Portuguese people appreciate his talent.
By Ricardo Espirito Santo and Cristina Boavida (SIC´s journalist and author of the screenplay), “I Love You Teresa” narrated the story of a forbidden love between an adult woman and a 15 year old boy, played by Ana Padrão and Diogo Morgado.

Although Diogo was already relatively known from other works, it was no doubt this tele-film that launched the career of the one who is now worldwide known as “Hot Jesus.”
Morgado also starred in another SIC´s tele-film, “The Bride”, which confirmed the then 19 year old´s versatility, when he portrayed a character who was supposed to be 30 years old.

Morgado was also able to showcase his comedic chops in “O Crime do Padre Amaro,” which received international attention from directors all over the world. Diogo is also a passionate theater actor and had lead roles in prestigious plays such as David Hare’s “Skylight” and Peter Shaffer’s “The Royal Hunt to the Sun.”

In 2007, Diogo Morgado saw his recognition reach new levels with his role in SIC´s famous telenovela “Vingança” (“Revenge”), which was an adaptation of Mexico´s telenovela “Montecristo”, and had its storyline based on the book of Alexandre Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Diogo played the protagonist Santiago Medina, and this is still one of the roles he is best known for in Portugal.

Alongside this project, the Portuguese actor also starred in a movie with Lúcia Moniz (his love interest in “Vingança”), called “The Italian Writer”.

In 2009, Diogo Morgado was the leading actor of SIC´s miniseries “The Private Life of Salazar”, a role which represented another important milestone in his career. Upon being offered this role, Diogo admitted he was left a bit flabbergasted, not only because of the responsibility associated with this important and controversial figure in Portuguese history, but also because of the reduced character preparation time.  He has said several times in interviews this was one of the greatest challenges of his career.

Nationally, Diogo Morgado also had a chance to participate in various SIC telenovelas – as was the case with the extremely successful “Laços de Sangue” (“Blood Ties” – which ended up winning the Emmy for Best International Telenovela in 2011), “The World Could End” and “Winter´s Sun” – and he also experienced the role of tv presenter in the entertainment talk-shows “Lux”, “Mundo VIP” and “Dá-lhe Gás”.

His ambition and talent earned him invitations to work abroad.

Beyond Portugal, Diogo has had lead roles in a few international films like Spain’s “Dos Rivales Casi Iguales” and “Mami Blue”, by Miguel Angel Buttini, as well as “Star Crossed- Love at stake” (a Portuguese-British modern version of the impossible love of Romeo and Juliet).

He has also guest-starred in Brazil’s 2008 soap opera “Revelação” and starred alongside Maitê Proença in the 2002 feature film “The Jungle”. A true international star was born.

In 2013, Diogo Morgado took the United States of America by storm.

He starred in several Hollywood films, as was the case of “The Red Butterfly” and “Born to Race: Fast Track.” His participation in the American television series market, such as the tv series “Revenge”, “The Messengers” and more recently “CSI: Cyber”, was also a big milestone and a career booster.

But it was with History Channel´s mini-series “The Bible” that international fame would arrive, when Diogo was cast to play the role of his life: Jesus Christ.
Because of this role, Diogo Morgado became one of the most popular cast members and he did a gigantic number of interviews, (he even had the privilege of being invited to the american talk show “Oprah”, with Oprah Winfrey, who dubbed him “Hot Jesus”).

In 2014, the Portuguese actor returned to play the role of Jesus Christ, but this time in the big screen, with the feature film “Son of God”.

At present time, and among many other professional projects at national and international level, Diogo Morgado is currently shooting what will be the first feature film of NETFLIX Brazil, entitled “O Matador” (“The Bounty Hunter”).
Little is known about the film, which is being filmed in Pernambuco region, in Brazil. The official press release says that the story will take place between 1910 and 1940 and that the plot will focus on the story of a hit man called “Cabeleira” (“Shaggy”), who returns to the city in which he grew up in search of his missing mentor, only to find the place under the opression of a French tyrant who dominates the local market of precious stones.

Throughout his academic and professional career, and despite having followed the artistic path, Diogo often admits he had many doubts about his future career. His ease and talent for drawing and curiosity for the scientific and technical fields, always led him to believe that he would end up choosing something like architecture or engineering (there was even a teacher who told him he shouldn´t pursue any other area of expertise than that).

Well, from where we´re sitting, we can only say: Thank you, Magazine “Super Young”! 😀