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Welcome to the unofficial portuguese-english fansite for actor Diogo Morgado, best known for his roles in portuguese soap operas and american hits like "The Bible" and "Son of God". We have no affiliation nor do we represent Diogo in any way. This is just a work of a fan. ENJOY!


Date and place of Birth

January 17th, 1981
Lisbon, Portugal

Full Name

Diogo Miguel Morgado Soares

Height & Weight

6′ 2¾” / 198 lbs (aprox.)

Eye and Hair Color




• Diogo is the oldest of two sons. He has a 7 year old younger brother named Pedro, with whom he has a very close connection.

• Talent is something that runs in abundance in the Morgado Family, since Diogo is also a gifted writer (he once wrote the lyrics to a song). And his brother Pedro is also a very talented writer and has even published his first book (titled “Instantes Inquietos”), at the age of 23.

• He fell in love with make-up artist Cátia Oliveira during the film-making of “Floribela”.

• In September 3rd 2009, Diogo and Cátia welcomed their first child together, Santiago, at “Clínica de Santo António”, in Lisbon. In May 2016, the couple welcomed their second son, Afonso.

• Diogo named his first born “Santiago” in honor of his character in the telenovela “Vingança”, because it meant so much to him on a personal level (it was during filming that soap opera that Diogo and Cátia decided to take the next step on their relationship and really become a couple).

• Some of Diogo´s favorite sports are baseball, soccer, sailing, surfing and body surfing, canoeing, swimming and bowling. He also loves to go fishing, cycling and golfing.

• One of his greatest hobbies is playing computer games. In fact, and because of his love for computer games, Diogo was invited by Sony to lend his voice to the game “inFAMOUS™ Second Son”, back in 2014.

• Another of his greatest interests is photography. Diogo is a very gifted photographer and he gave proof of that during the “Portugal, o Melhor Destino” campaign, when he promoted Portugal´s tourism via a photography book.

• He is also a fan of cooking, dancing and, of course, the movies!

• One of his greatest faults? Bitting his nails!

• One of his greatest temptations? Give him chocolate and you´ll make him happy.

• He is left-handed.

• Diogo´s favorite movie of all time? Forrest Gump.

• Favorite actor and actress? Tom Hanks & Meryl Streep. And Michelle Pfeiffer too!
Diogo would love to be able to work alongside Tom Hanks one day.

• He loves music from the 80´s and 90´s.

• He started a personal blog called “MicroCrucial” (which unfortunately he hasn´t updated in a long time), where he shares his thoughts on the world around us. He alternates his writing between portuguese and english. You can check it here: microcrucial.blogspot.pt

• His motto? “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you”.

• His nickname in highschool was “the mutant”, because of how tall he was.

• Favorite Restaurant? Diogo would much rather eat a home meal, since he thinks one eats best at home.

• Together with his brother, Diogo was a bar owner for a short while at Santos (a very famous area of Lisbon´s night life), called “II Acto”. Unfortunately, the establishment ended up closing up due to lack of time and because Diogo didn´t want his life to be one of only working at night.

• Diogo was never very keen of the “going out at night” routine. To him, the perfect plan is a dinner-movie at the comfort of his home, and enjoying big lunches with his friends and family.

• If you ever have to guess what Diogo would like to eat for dinner, don´t think too hard. Cook him a nice portuguese codfish dish (preferably one called “bacalhau com natas”) and you´ll have guaranteed his friendship for life!

• When asked if he prefers USA or Portugal, Diogo´s answer will always be Portugal because it´s where he feels at home.

• He doesn´t have a favorite soccer team per se (although secretly, he confesses to have a soft spot for “Sporting”), but he always roots for the National Team “Selecção Nacional”, whenever they play a game.

• Diogo studied acting in London and Madrid and later took on a directing course in Los Angeles.

• In 2012, he was a professional trainer during a Dramatic Expression Workshop at On7Produções, a portuguese media company.

• Diogo has long wished to sit in the Director´s chair, and he had his first chance with the 2013 short-film “Break”, starring his long-time friends and fellow actors Lúcia Moniz and Rui Unas.

• In 2015, Diogo began a new project with fellow portuguese actress Daniela Ruah of “NCIS: LA” fame. The project consisted of a short-film called “Excuse”, which will soon be released online. This marked the first time the two of them have worked together.

• Diogo speaks several languages (besides his native portuguese, he speaks fluent english and spanish) and is capable of using several foreign accents as well, such as: British-Cockney Accent, French Accent, New York Accent and Spanish Accent.